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Our Services

Metaverse Space

We provide consulting services for planning, proposing and developing metaverse space. We also develop new spaces using tools such as “Blender” and “Unity” for the creation of virtual spaces.


In order to create new asset value in the digital space from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0, we will promote “wallets” etc. using blockchain technology to the society.



Spacexview is an advanced manufacturer of robust satellite sub-systems and components.
Spacexview predominantly focuses on excelling in the operational constellation market.

Satellite Data Portal


Spacexview applies advanced analytics, machine learning, computer vision, and collaborative tools to data from earth and space. 

Space X View Store

Space X View Store

Spacexview store offers wide range of space grade electronic components, subsystems, control systems and products related to satellite manufacturing

Flight Path Prediction

Flight path prediction system is the cloud base application for predicting the path of balloon with  various weather condition.

Satellite Data Portal

Satellite Data Portal

Satellite Data Portal is a one stop platform for space related data, Insights and Analytics with our AI powered algorithms 


Research & Development

The microgravity environment of space is a fascinating platform for scientific exploration, and we are working to research and develop satellites for manufacturing and studying objects as they behave under microgravity conditions.

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