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SPACE VIEW Corporation, a Space Tech Company, Releases Japan's Largest CUBESAT, an Information Porta

SPACE VIEW Corporation, which is involved in CUBESAT development, satellite data analysis, and research and development using remote sensing technology, has released one of the largest information portals in Japan dedicated to nano-satellite components.

(headquartered in Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo; hereinafter "SPACE VIEW") is a space venture established in November 2020, aiming to solve global issues through space development x technology.

We aim to optimize industries and create a society where people can lead affluent and comfortable daily lives by improving forecasting accuracy through R&D. We are developing our business with the aim of creating new services in the New Space Era through R&D using CUBESAT development, satellite data analysis, and remote sensing technology. SPACE VIEW has been developing its business with the aim of creating new services in the New Space Era.

SPACE VIEW has long believed that in order to enhance the sustainability and development of the space industry, it is necessary to create an environment where satellite development can be easily undertaken and where companies planning satellite launches can easily access highly accurate information. SPACE VIEW has announced the release of this portal site ( in order to further promote the development of the space industry and the utilization of satellite data by businesses, with SPACE VIEW as the driving force behind Space Tech.

SPACE VIEW's Business Development

Based on the newly released information portal site, it will be possible to seamlessly purchase products on the platform, view how-to videos for assembling each part, and provide support up to the launch of the satellite.

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